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Breland lies in the southwest of the continent of Khorvaire enjoying one of the largest areas of the nations and territories. Breland is a mix of open farmland, woodland and sprawling metropolis, the most famous of which is Sharn. The Lightning Rail originates out of Sharn and from there travels across Breland and out to the other nations of Khorvaire, while House Orien roadways branch out to more remote locations among the countryside.


Sharn is the most populous city in all of Khorvaire, and arguably all of Eberron. The city literally towers atop a cliff above the mouth of the Dagger River in southern Breland.

Sharn is known as The City of Towers, but has also been called many other names, including The City of Knives, The City of Lost Souls, The City of a Thousand Eyes, the Gateway to Xen’drik, and The Gateway to Perdition.

Broken Anvil

Poste de garde de la Cloud Tower

Rat’s Market

Sous la Tour Dorasharn.

Forge of Yesterday

Sous la Tour Dorasharn.



Trolanport was a Dhakaani city 10,000 years ago, but the gnomes built the metropolis that has become their capital on its foundations when the wars with the daelkyr caused a depopulation of the hobgoblins of the region.

The port city is designed on a canal system and is the center for gnomish shipbuilding of both the naval and aerial variety. Trolanport is also a center of trade for Khorvaire and one of the major departure ports for Xen’drik, Aerenal and Sarlona.


The city of Korranberg is the oldest city in Zilargo and, despite not being the capital of the nation, is arguably the most important city. Home to the vaunted Library of Korranberg, which is more than a library, but perhaps the greatest collection of knowledge on the world of Eberron and among the best universities.


Darguun is a nation that broke off from Cyre during the Last War, when goblin mercenaries seized the region for their own. The nation has become a host for many members of their race seeking a homeland including hobgoblins and bugbears. Some believe it will allow them to return to the glories of the ancient Dhakaani Empire.

Rhukaan Draal


Bloody Market

Clenched Fist

Rose Quarry


In 994 YK the Day of Mourning turned the once beautiful land of Cyre into the dead wasteland now known as the Mournland. The Mournland is a tainted place where the dead do not decay and strange magical effects abound.



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